Bancroft Pregnancy Care Centre

The Bancroft Pregnancy Care Centre is here to assist individuals in a challenge related to pregnancy or raising a child. Finding yourself in an unplanned pregnancy raises so many questions. What am I going to do? Where do I go for help? Perhaps you are struggling with the grief associated with abortion, stillbirth or miscarriage and need someone to help you sort out your feelings. Raising a child can sometimes strain your finances. We can offer practical help with some of the supplies you need – diapers, clothing, formula, etc

We offer the following services at the Bancroft Pregnancy Care Centre:

You are not alone.

Our desire is to offer emotional and practical support by providing unconditional care and friendship in a warm and accepting environment.

I think I am pregnant. Now what?

There are three options when facing an unexpected pregnancy; abortion, adoption and parenting. The following video discusses these three options.