Diaper Bag Program

If you are expecting your first child, it is normal to feel a little anxious when you think about what is to come. Or maybe this is not your first child but some time has passed since you last had a baby in the house and might be feeling a bit rusty when it comes to newborns. Prenatal education is a valuable resource to help answer some of the questions you may have. The Bancroft Pregnancy Care Centre’s Diaper Bag program encourages participation in prenatal education classes. Expectant mothers who have completed some form of prenatal education are eligible to receive a diaper bag from the Bancroft Pregnancy Care Centre that is filled with supplies you need for both mom and baby for when it is time to deliver!

How can I get a diaper bag?

Option 1: Take an in-person prenatal education course

Prenatal workshops are offered through the Midwifery Services of Haliburton-Bancroft. More information can be found on their website or Facebook page.

Option 2: Complete InJoy eClasses online

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health also offers an e-learning program called InJoy eClasses. While this program is not a substitute for prenatal education classes, it provides information on many of the topics covered by prenatal courses and is a wonderful resource for reinforcing the information learned in prenatal class. We realize that due to the limited number of prenatal courses offered in Bancroft, it can be very difficult to attend a prenatal course. If there are not any courses being offered locally, moms-to-be are eligible to receive a diaper bag upon completion of InJoy eClasses and a brief quiz. A code to participate in InJoy eClasses can be obtained by visiting the Hastings Prince Edward Public Health website and the material can be reviewed at your own pace. Once complete, please contact the Bancroft Pregnancy Care Centre at by phone or text 613.332.HOPE (4673) or email info@bancroftpcc.ca with a photo or screen shot of the InJoy eClasses completion confirmation to receive a diaper bag.

For more information on this program, please contact us at 613.332.HOPE (4673) or info@bancroftpcc.ca.