The BPCC offer a wide variety of programs for women, men, families and youth. Please click on the links below for more information.

Programs for Women

  • Living in Colour– Living in Colour is a program for women dealing with the emotional aftermath of terminating a pregnancy.
  • Steps to Sexual Health– A program to facilitate restoration and a new perspective for women dealing with a past of sexual abuse, misuse or trauma.
  • Take-a-Break– A women’s coffee connection open to all women of any age and stage of life. Two six-week sessions are offered annually.
  • Grandmother’s Heart– Designed to be a helping hand to new moms, two “Grandmothers” will visit for up to six, one-two hour visits to assist around the house and be a friend.

Programs for Men

  • The Dad Project– A program for men who want to learn to be more involved in a consistent way with their child/children.

Programs for Families

  • HOME (Household Organization & Management Education)- HOME is a six-week program that teaches tips and tricks to help participants learn to effectively manage a home.
  • HOPE Box– Losing a child through miscarriage or stillbirth is extremely hard. HOPE boxes are filled with items of hope to help families who are grieving a loss.
  • Diaper Bag Program– Earn a diaper bag filled with supplies for your trip to the hospital for delivery by participating in prenatal education!

Programs for Youth

  • Think²– A value-based sexual education program for grade 7 & 8 designed to encourage youth to think through the important decisions in life with the thoroughness they deserve.